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2014 Summer Camp Report

At the end of 2014, the Toc H Camping Program turned 80 years old! As always, we held our annual Summer Camp (27-31 December) for children in need. We were expecting 38 children, but unfortunately a few didn’t show up on the day and we ended up with 31 children aged 7 to 12 years old. The children and the 10 leaders we had helping out all had a great time.

Activities included building forts out of cardboard and furniture, testing and constructing boats, papercraft, loom bands (jewellery made out of colourful woven rubber bands), beading, iron-on beads (flat designs made from melting beads together with an iron), movies, puppet making, dancing, mask making, funny face biscuits (decorating biscuits with faces made out of lollies), capture the flag, bike riding, trampolining and much more.

John Hooper and the Goolwa and Centennial Park Sea Scouts put on a fabulous day for us down at Goolwa. The children had an opportunity to go sailing, canoeing, rafting and powerboating. This day is really important to the children we have on camp because it is precisely the kind of activity that would otherwise never experience. We have taken hundreds (almost thousands) of children down to Goolwa and I’ve yet to see a kid not enjoy the day – no matter how they trepidacious they were at the beginning! I believe this marks 20 years that the Scouts have helped out by running this activity and we are forever grateful to them for all their time, effort, expertise and patience.

Another activity that (hopefully) seems destined to become a Summer Camp tradition is surfing! Andy Davoren, our campsite manager and owner/operator of Encounter Water Sports, was able to organise sponsorship of two surfing sessions for our children from Surfing Australia. Andy presented a introduction and safety session to the kids and we had two sessions down at Horseshoe Bay during which the children got a chance to try surfing and bodyboarding. Thanks to Andy and all his helpers – especially the newly crowned Australian U18 girls surfing champion Tayla Hanak! All the kids will be receiving a pack from Surfing Australia that includes a backpack and rash vest, so hopefully they will keep up the surfing!

Thanks go out to..

  • Our returning leaders Claire Langsford, Matt Cooper, Jim de Gregorio, Chanelle Andris, Niki Ahluwalia, Jack Harrington and Dom Levesque who safely steered the ship
  • Our new leaders Ngan Nguyen, Aaron Desmet and Lydia Battjes who learnt the ropes quickly
  • Annette Hurley for keeping the group fed, full and happy
  • John Hooper and all the Scouts for the water activities day
  • Andy Davoren (Encounter Water Sports) and all his helpers for the surfing sessions
  • Alan and Michael from Genesis Tour and Charter for being our accommodating and patient bus drivers

Our next camp is our Autumn Camp (17-19 April) for children in need aged 7-10 years old.
Patrick (and Daniel)
Directors of Camping

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