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2015 Autumn Camp Report

We’re happy to once again report on a successful camp at Victor Harbor. This year, we were lucky to have 14 leaders and 16 children brave the weather, and come along to our Autumn Camp.

We arrived at campsite, and spent some time getting to know each other, before heading outside to enjoy some lunch on the deck. During the afternoon we spent some time making team banners and snowglobes, and playing games of tug-o-war and soccer. Our plans for a bonfire were rained out, but we had a lot of fun toasting some marshmallows inside, and learning some music and rhythms with Dan.

Saturday we woke up bright and early for a trip to Granite Island. After a walk down to a playground on the beachfront and a great time saying hello to the Clydesdales, we had an exciting ride across the bridge on one of Victor Harbor’s famous horse-drawn trams! Everyone climbed to the very top of Granite Island to have a look at the view, before we trekked down and back across the bridge for another yummy lunch. After lunch we tried to visit another exciting playground on our way back to the campsite, but we were stopped in our tracks by the rain. Thankfully our leaders were able to get everyone back to camp, where we warmed up inside with a roaring fire and some free time activities.

That night we had more fun with craft – making necklaces, loom bands, Hama bead creations, animal masks, and photo frames. Right before dinner we all had a try at making our very own damper, which we ate for supper, covered in all sorts of yummy toppings! We also had a mini-disco, playing musical chairs, limbo, and making a conga line, all before bedtime!

On our last day we walked down to the local primary school for one of our favourite camp traditions – the Treasure Hunt! After some free time on the playground and a few slides down the giant slippery-dip, we walked back up to the campsite for our lunch and a last tidy-up before departing.

Thank you so much to our volunteer leaders, both new and returning: Matt Cooper, Claire Langsford, Dom Levesque, Seb Levesque, Lydia Battjes, Kimberley Ruxton, Emily Newstead, Jessica Yeilds, Taylor Petty, Jessica Cardellini, and Jesse Twartz – we couldn’t run these camps without your support and you all did an amazing job!

A big thank you to Annette Hurley for once again volunteering your time to cater our camp – we all love your terrific food and especially appreciate a warm dinner after a cold day! Thank you also to our campsite manager Andy, and to Genesis Tour and Charter for our transport to and from camp!

Finally, thank you to our brilliant Directors of Camping, Patrick Korbel and Daniel Roberts for all the work you put in before and during the camp!

Jessica Halligan
Camp Coordinator

[P.S. A big thank you and congratulations to Jessica Halligan and Matt Cooper for stepping up the big role of camp coordinators! We really appreciated your support and it was a great success. We look forward to you taking on Winter Camp (10-12 July) next! Pat and Dan, Directors of Camping]

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