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Toc H was formed in Belgium during the First World War by The Rev. Phillip “Tubby” Clayton. In 1915, Tubby established a recreation centre for young people going to and from the front lines. The centre was named Talbot House in honour of British officer Gilbert Talbot, who had been killed in action. “Toc H” is the intials T.H. in the millitary communications code of The First World War; had we formed today, we might have been called Tango Hotel.

At Talbot House, a soldier’s rank was irrelevant. Regardless of whether they were a private or a general, at Toc H, all were equal. Following the war, a Toc H Centre was established in London and soon, Toc H spread into a worldwide movement.

Since its¬†introduction to Australia in 1925, Toc H has pioneered number of community projects such as the Blood Transfusion Service in 1928 (now run by the Red Cross), The Royal Queensland Bush Children’s Health Scheme in 1935 ¬†(now known as BushKids) and the Youth Camping Program in South Australia which provides recreational opportunities to disadvantaged young people at our campsite in Victor Harbor.

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