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_DSC3266Facilitated entirely by volunteers, and funded by donations from our generous supporters, Toc H has run camps for youth in need at our Victor Harbor campsite for over seventy years. The program is designed to help young people from a wide range of situations develop self-regulation skills, form positive relationships with their peers, make healthy choices, build self-esteem, and develop positive community attitudes.

Many of the campers have experienced trauma or hardship as a result of their family circumstances. These hardships have social, emotional, behavioural, and financial impacts on the people involved, and the Toc H Camping Program aims to provide a respite opportunity to both the children and their families.

The camps are facilitated by a dedicated team of Camp Directors with more than ten years and fifty camps experience between them: Southern Region Director Dr. Patrick Korbel, Youth Services Director Mr Daniel Roberts, Youth Ambassador Ms Jessica Halligan and Camp Coordinator Mr Matthew Cooper.

Professional support staff working with young people such as school inclusion officers, family and welfare agencies, and social workers, are invited to refer children between the ages of seven and eleven to the program by contacting our the team at Our selection criteria are deliberately broad ,with our aim being to provide an opportunity to as many young people as we can.

In addition to the opportunities it provides children, the Camping Program helps to develop the leadership and organisational skills of the enthusiastic team of volunteers who support the program in a friendly but challenging environment. Many of our volunteers are studying or planning to study in Education, Social Work, Psychology, or related areas, and the Toc H Camping Program provides these young people with the opportunity to test their skills in the field. Leaders who remain involved in the program further their education by participating in First Aid, Mandatory Notification, and other professional development opportunities.

Interested volunteers can apply by filling out an expression of interest.

No specific background or training is required to volunteer on the program however all leaders are subject to a National Police Check.

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