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The Camping Program relies on its hard working volunteer leaders to make it all possible. Thank you very much to all the people below and everyone who has come before them.

All leaders active since the 2010 Winter Camp

Number of Camps | Leaders

31 | Daniel Roberts
29 | Patrick Korbel
19 | Claire Langsford
17 | Jessica Halligan
14 | Matt Cooper
10 | Aaron Desment
9 | Taylor Petty
8 | Tanya Brain,
7 | Corey Newcombe,  Jesse Twartz
6 | Tom Gaffney, Alice Ramsey, Miyo Snashall
5 | Niki Ahluwalia, Jessica Byrnes, Tessa Chatterton, Jim de Gregorio,
4 | Dom Levesque, Chanelle Andris, Jack Harrington, Emilio Chignola
3 | Jessica Cardellini, Nicole Casement, Caitlin Chehade, Alice Langsford, Kim Ruxton, Sangita Rani
2 | Jake Alker, Lydia Battjes, Courtney Harriss, Chris Johnson, Seb Levesque, Teagan McCloud, Mel Mehuys, Catherine Moore, Cat Morgan, Ngan Nguyen, Stacey Roberts, Trent Stollery, Helen Wadham, Katie Wright, Jessica Yeilds
1 | Robbie Blowers, Johanna Boardman, Lucy Burke, Aimee Castrechini, Jenny Colosi, Ben Cooper, Simon Crompton, Morgan Faulkner, Skye Fromentin, Ryan Hagemann, Annabel Heyward, Rebecca Hourigan, Ke Kang, Eliza May, Bonnie Morgan, Emily Newstead, Chuong Nguyen, Edith Putu, Clare Smyth, Marco Wang, Anna Williams, Luke Bray, Carolina Avila, Daniel Tono, Jade Davies,

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